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RTB’s New Website and Brand Identity

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In February, we launched our new website and brand identity. Our original brand identity and website was created when Pixelz was founded back in 2011. It has served us well since then, but our company and services have grown and evolved a great deal over the last 3 years. As a result, we felt it was time to update our brand and refresh our website to better reflect our new direction.

Follow the interview we conducted with Tejs Rasmussen, co-Founder and Head of User Experience to learn more this change.

1. Why have you decided to update your brand identity?

We see ourselves very much as a tech company rather than a simple image editing service. In many ways, the image editing is the easy part – it’s all other the technical solutions and integrations that we offer which makes us stand out as a company. Our previous website and communication did not reflect that, instead making us seem like just another image outsourcing provider.

In addition to this, our previous website was aimed primarily at small businesses. Our customers now range from top apparel brands and other major league players, to small web shops just opened for business. When we started out, we mainly did business with the latter – our brand identity has to correspond with all of our client groups – so a change was needed.

2. What are the values this new brand identity is trying to communicate?

In many ways we have matured as a company. We want our identity to reflect the fact that we are a trustworthy company for both partners and clients. We want to state that we ARE the best and most advanced in online imagery. Trustworthiness, efficiency, and commitment to technical development are what we stand for – our values haven’t really changed, they have just broadened along with our visions.

3. What has been the evolution to this new logo?

Our company is based on technology and innovation, so it was a natural progression to update the design of our logo, thereby saying that as technology progresses, so do we. The message we expect the design to convey, is that RTB is a clean cut (no pun intended) company with no nonsense or complications. Our product is straightforward and accessible regardless of your level of technical know-how, and that is how we want the logo and our image to come across.

Regarding our decision to switch the animated characters out with live ones, this was also driven by the desire to convey our trustworthiness – we are a company run by genuine, approachable people and we have great relationships with our customers, so what better way to express this than by having real people to introduce the company?

4. The new claim: what are the objectives and values this new claim is trying to transmit?

I wouldn’t call it a claim, more a fresh way to market ourselves. Our claim is, and always has been, that we provide the best, most advanced and most accessible image service for companies selling online, and we stand by this claim through and through.

5. How does RTB expect to position the company through this new identity?

We expect Pixelz to become a synonym for image editing for ecommerce. Through our expert advice, quality content and advanced technical solutions, we intend to become the thought leaders in the field of ecommerce imagery. No online business owner should be in any doubt over which company to use for their image editing needs.

6. What are the other new features of the new website?

The addition of a blog is something we’re very excited about and especially want to promote.

The main purpose of the blog posts are to provide guidance, and inspiration. Of course the central theme is product images, but we will create posts about activities surrounding the company, general ecommerce news and inspirational posts targeted at specific customer segments. The articles will be posted sequentially in the future. Some as part of a series, and others as single entities.

7. What are the key benefits customers will find on this new website?

The key benefits are the same as before, though we now also provide our customers with a more accessible, intuitive and better profiled customer dashboard. Our system is easy and simple to use and we now offer 24 hour delivery time as standard.